Central Bible Leadership Institute

What are you doing, say, July 26 to August 3? Going to Central Bible and Leadership Institute? I thought so.

For those unfamiliar with CBLI, its name speaks for itself. It’s a 10 day retreat at The Salvation Army’s Camp Wonderland for Families, Young Adults, and teens aimed at raising up leaders by equipping them through the Word of God (hence Bible and Leadership). Each age group has it’s own track. So the teens, ages 14 and up, have their own schedule which usually includes united worship, intense Bible Study, peer leadership groups, various workshops/electives, and more. If you are a teen, and parent is not going, you can still go by yourself as long as your parent gives consent. The total cost for the 10 days is only $220. That sounds like a lot, but considering what you’ll be getting out of it (great teaching, worship, change of heart and mind, and some of that Christlikeness), it’s nothing! But don’t wait, because there may be a late fee starting July 1.

Do you want to go deeper? Do want the necessary tools for reaching out to a hurting and lost world? Then go to the CBLI website, download the application, and get your butt there. You will NOT want to miss this!

Just as a shameless Young Adult track plug: This year’s special guests are Aaron and Cherie White from the Vancouver 614. They’re great people. Plus, the topic for the 10 days will be the Kingdom of God. There will be baggo. Enough said!

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