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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Read: Exodus 21

Whew! That’s a huge list of laws (and all of them are for the Israelites’ sake). It is starting to look a bit like the Articles of War!

But look at on in verses 5 and 6. There is a law for the Hebrews that slaves do not serve for life. After six years they are set free. But God slips in a provision for those who don’t want to go free. Why on earth would someone not want to go free? If the slave loves his master.

That’s the exception. Nuts? Well, if that happens, “then his master shall bring him before God. He shall be brought to the door or the doorpost; and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him for life” (v.6).

A slave with a nail through his ear doesn’t have to be there. He chose to be there. He wants to be a slave. Is that messed up or what?

And yet this is the popular description that Jude, Peter, Epaphras, Timothy, and most of all, Paul use to describe their relationship with Jesus. Yes, they are apostles. Yes, overseers. Yes, super leaders of the Church. Yes to all of those titles. But they seem to really enjoy calling themselves bond-servants, or (as in some translations) “slaves.” They are slaves by choice.

And, of course, what is good for Epaphras and Paul is good for us. Most of us are chomping at the bit to get out of our obligations. We can’t wait to slip out of our Christian responsibilities.

God is looking for a different kind of warrior, a more dangerous breed of revolutionary. He is looking for people who choose to give up their wills, their futures, their prospects, their hopes, and their “rights.” He is looking for people who say, “I love my Master.” He is looking for the ones who will stick their ear lobe on the doorframe and say “swing away.” He is looking for Gospel slaves.

He is looking for you.

Remember, “You can’t make God love you more, but you can let Him trust you more.” Bond-slaves are Revolutionary agents, because they’re dead and Jesus Christ lives through them.


Are you so in love that you would be willing to serve him for life? What’s keeping you from taking a nail through the earlobe right now? How will your life change if you have the guts to do it?

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