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Friday, July 15, 2011
Read: Exodus 23

Here are more Revolutionary regulations from Yahweh to the people. They may not look that exciting to you now but you are enjoying the benefits of their practice.

People all over the world would love to read and experience the regulations of these verses. If you were systematically mistreated because you were a foreigner, you’d welcome this chapter. If you were scammed from justice just because you were poor, you’d be thrilled about chapter 23. If you were used to being slandered because of your religious affiliation, you’d fight to see these verses realized in your society. If you had to work seven days a week, you would love verse 12. If you suffered injustice because of bribes, you’d breathe a sigh of relief at this chapter.

God instituted here (and in surrounding chapters) a moral code that has provided a foundation for western civilization. And those of us living in the West are blessed by these verses today.

But you should be challenged to see them implemented in the rest of the world. God’s justice is not just for the West, but for every language, every people, every tribe, and every nation.

Twice in this chapter He explains that we are to take Him the first fruits (vs.16,19). The first fruits belong to Him actually, it all belongs to Him but He demands the first fruits back!

Far too many people are casual about our response to this command of God. The first fruits are to be given back to Him.

What does that mean? A tithe. What is a tithe? 10%. So if your part-time job pays you $100/week, $10 off the top goes straight to God in your cartridge. If you have a full-time job and make $400/week, that’s $40 tithe.

This isn’t anything worthy of praise. It is a command. It is God’s. If you don’t give it to God, you are stealing from Him (check Malachi 1 and 3 if you don’t believe me).

And soldiers are so much above that it isn’t funny. We start at 10% and go up from there. There are some soldiers who live on 10% and give the other 90% back to God!

Getting a cash flow? Give 10%. He blessed you with this income. It is up to you to obey God and bless others with it.


What can you do to implement Exodus 23 in the rest of the world? Is there a social issue you’re passionate about? Do you tithe? Do what you gotta do, make things right.

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