Central Territory Summer Missions Team 2012

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we wanted to post the Central Territory’s 2012 Summer Mission Teams (SMT). It’s so cool to see how God is moving in the lives of our teens and young adults from this Division. Make sure you congratulate them, and commit to pray for them. Those who have been accepted will be spending an intense 8 weeks in their given location to be used to grow God’s Kingdom through evangelism, service projects, and more.

On behalf of the Metro Youth Department, congrats to everyone going on SMT 2012! It’s a wonderful privilege that will change your life forever!

1. Andres Villatoro* – Rockford, Metro
2. Caleb Allan – Oakbrook Terrace, Metro
3. Eric Chung – Mayfair, Metro
4. Veronica Cintron – Bloomington, Indiana
5. Areli Garcia – Norfolk, Western
6. Jasmine McCoy – Gary/Merrillville, Metro
7. Brittany Nichols – Wayne-Westland, Eastern Michigan

1. Megan Polsley* – Oakbrook Terrace, Metro
2. David Chang – Mayfair, Metro
3. Sarah Eddy – Bloomington, Heartland
4. Valerie Janson – Oakbrook Terrace, Metro
5. Kenneth Jones – Detroit Harding, Eastern Michigan
6. Michelle Winters – Rockford, Metro

1. Jamison Taube* – Oak Creek, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan
2. Alexis Benefield – Wayne-Westland, Eastern Michigan
3. Clayton Cox – Oakbrook Terrace, Metro
4. Titiana Flax – Gary/Merrillville, Metro
5. Lance Hill – Royal Oak, Eastern Michigan
6. Rachel Moe – Rockford, Metro
7. Nancy Valentin – Irving Park, Metro

1. Alexandra Cox* – Oakbrook Terrace, Metro
2. Alexandra Anderson – Sheboygan, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan
3. Joshua Hubbard – Wayne-Westland, Eastern Michigan
4. Melissa Hulett – Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan
5. Dennis Jolly – Dearborn Heights, Eastern Michigan
6. Elizabeth Turner – Norridge, Metro

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