Kroc Center Prayer & Praise Night! (11.9.12)

On Friday, November 9, at 7PM, the Chicago Kroc Center will be hosting the next Prayer & Praise Night!!! We have a lot of really cool special guests joining us, and, unfortunately, it’s also the last one of 2012 (don’t worry, there’s one on January 11, 2013 at the Rockford Tab Corps). So, short version, you MOS DEF want to come out!

So who are these special guests we speak of? We’re so glad you asked. We have:

Families is a Chicago based, three piece folk band that focuses on bringing Bible stories to life through beautiful melodies and thought provoking lyrics. They’re made up of Salvationists Erica Johnson, Justin Rose, and David Shay. They’re going to grace us with a mini-concert. For more info, and to listen to their tunes, head to, and

John Kim
John is the English Ministries pastor at the Mayfair Corps by night, and works for Moody Bible Institute by day. He’s a great speaker and a powerful witness for Christ. He’s also an all around great guy. He’ll be bringing the message, and will be talking about sex from 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. Be sure to bring your Bibles, and a journal to take notes!

The Singing Company
The Singing Company is a worship band of the Salvation Army that creates music to draw listeners in to the truths of God’s Word, encourage and challenge the Church through relevant worship and expand the cannon of music produced by The Salvation Army. The Singing Company will be leading us in worship, so come with a focused desire to truly meet with God and worship Him. For more info on them, head to

And of course, we can’t go to the Kroc Center without swimming, playing basketball, and just having crazy amounts of fun. That’s why we need every single person who plans on doing any activities after P&PN to fill out a waiver form. As soon as this form becomes available, we’ll make sure you know so you can download it and fill it out.

Here’s what you should bring:
-Your Bible
-Your friends
-Your friends’ friends
-Your waiver form

For directions to the Kroc Center, click here:

Also, be a pal and RSVP to our FB event, won’t ya?


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