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What up, y’all!

Even though the Norridge Prayer & Praise Night is still a few weeks away (1.10.2014), we just wanted to remind you about it by way of unveiling some new info…

1. Theme – Understanding and Dealing with Tragedy
As Christ followers, we need a theological framework that helps us deal with tragedy; one that both helps us understand and interpret our experience, and equips us to follow the Lord in the midst of our struggle. As you know, the sad reality is that many are quick to abandon the Lord when things are difficult. And, unfortunately, too often we’re given short-term band-aids like, “Trust in the Lord”, or “Pray for direction”, instead of deep thought through answers.

Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Smith will be teaching, sharing from the life of King David as a template. We’re going to dive into this difficult topic and learn what it means to follow the Lord in the darkest of times. It’s about to get deep.

2. Six Word Testimonies
We’re going to do our testimony time a bit differently this month. Normally someone opens the sharing by way of talking about what the Lord has been doing in their life recently. After that, the floor is open for about 5-6 more people to share.

A Six Word Testimony is just that; a testimony in only six words. This way, more people get to share the amazing things God has done in their lives. This may take more time to come up with, though, so here’s a heads up on how it works:

  • Reflect on a major thing God has done for you (it could be recent, but it doesn’t have to be).
  • Finish a sentence like this: “I was ____, now I ____.”; or “Jesus Christ will, ___ ___ ___”

It’s that easy! For more explanation, check out this post exclusively about Six Word Testimonies to get you thinking.

For more info about this Prayer & Praise Night, check out our original post with all the need to know info in it. We can’t wait to see you all in a few short weeks! Have an awesome Christmas!

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