KB’s New EP “100” and Devo Series

One of our Youth Councils 2014 guests, KB, is about to release a new EP in just a matter of days. The title of the EP is “100”, and focuses around the idea of what it means to give the Lord 100% in all you do, and why it’s important that we do so. The EP doesn’t drop until 3.4.14, but you can experience the project now in a few different and unique ways:

1. Check out the behind the scenes video

In this short, KB explains the rationale behind his concept and theme of 100.  Check it out, and get an exclusive look at the making of the EP.

2. Watch the music video for 100!

This video was just released today! Be among the first to catch it (9.5k already have):

3. Go through KB’s Devo on YouVersion!

That’s right. KB has written a devotional series on the best Bible app around – YouVersion – that collaborates specifically with the EP. The theme that the EP is centered around will be broken down in a 20 day devotional plan that you can read right on your phone or tablet. Get started at YouVersion, now!

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