Youth Councils 2014 Recap (podcasts, photos and more!)

Final Draft (Blue Scripture)

It’s hard to believe, but Youth Councils 2014 concluded over a week ago! God did amazing things during our time together. Our theme was “Anchored” based on Hebrews 6:19a: “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.” The purpose of this post is to ensure that Youth Councils isn’t a stand alone event. We want to make sure that you’re continuing to live out the things God challenged you to change, grow in, or commit to. We have exactly three tools to help you in this:

1. Sermon Podcasts

Throughout the weekend, we unpacked the hope we have in Christ, and what it means to have him as our anchor. On Friday Night, KB challenged us through his concert about Christ as our hope of salvation. On Saturday morning, Lts. Michael and Kristina Sjogren talked about God’s faithfulness in the everyday from Hebrews 13:8. On Saturday night, KB gave a powerful and clear picture of hope in the context of the new heaven and new earth. Finally, on Sunday morning, Majors Monty and Angie Wandling talked about the hope we have in Christ as our king, especially in the context of Palm Sunday, and what it means to struggle according to Romans 8. We recorded the sermons from Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning for you to listen to as much as you want:

Main Session 2 Sermon (Saturday Morning) – Lts. Michael and Kristina Sjogren
Main Session 3 Sermon (Saturday Night) – KB
Main Session 4 Sermon (Sunday Morning) – Majors Monty and Angie Wandling

2. Photos!

We had a number of photographers on hand throughout the weekend to capture the event. Check out the slideshows below, or go directly to our Flickr page. Didn’t get a physical copy of the photos you took at the Youth Councils Party Photo Booth? We have digital copies online for you.

Jonathan Taube’s Photos:

Iuri Sevciuc’s Photos:

Shelby Thompson’s Photos:

Youth Councils Party Photo Booth:

3. Corps Ministry Plans

At the end of Youth Councils, Corps were given copies of the Corps Ministry Plan to be utilized at their discretion. The idea was if Corps wanted to hold a debriefing and unpacking session with their delegates, they could use the Corps Ministry Plan as a tool to do just that. The Corps Ministry Plan is a simple tool that asks 5 questions about what God taught you, how you should apply that to your life, and who should hold you accountable. If you didn’t get a chance to go through this, or if you’re a Corps Officer or Youth Leader who can’t find their hard copies, you can download it here.

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