Job Opening: Family Outreach & Ministry Worker (Aurora Corps)

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Attention young adults and youth workers!  The Aurora Corps is hiring a Family Outreach and Ministry Worker.  Check it out, and if you’re interested in applying, follow the link at the bottom for more information on how to do that.

POSITION TITLE:     Family Outreach & Ministry Worker / Bookkeeper


This position’s dual responsibilities will lie within the ministry realm of development, implementation and bridging of typical corps activities/participants with participants of social services and community programming/contacts-and to balance that with basic bookkeeping activity working with our DHQ accounting dept.


Family Outreach & Ministry

  1. Develop and work, in conjunction with other Corps Youth and Family Ministry leaders, to provide leadership and direction for corps youth activities.
    1. Responsible to maintain an atmosphere where opportunities for evangelism, spiritual growth and development occur for participants.
  2. Plan, direct and supervise youth and family events/programs.
    1. Implement activities that will promote fellowship, fun, spiritual growth and interaction in a Christian atmosphere between corps members and social service/community participants.
  3. In conjunction with Corps Officers, ensure that strategy exists to recruit, train, evaluate and encourage teachers and volunteers for youth and family corps program leadership positions.
  4. As a part of the ministry team, provide leadership in:
    1. Development and implementation strategies for reaching out to unsaved/unchurched families within the corps service area (i.e. evangelistic campaigns, festivals, outreach events, etc).
    2. Development and implementation of Community Care Ministry programming and events (i.e. nursing home visitation, healthcare community fairs, back-to-school celebrations, seasonal and year-round efforts, etc.).
    3. Development and leadership of music programming.
  5.  Attend designated Corps meetings; which include Sunday services, midweek services, special corps events and youth events on a regular basis/as assigned.
  6. Maintain clear constant communication with corps members/program participants via newsletters, bulletins, informational flyers, calendar postings, phone calls, emails, social media, etc.
  7. Manage statistical information and prepare all reporting required by the Corps and Division.
  8. Assist with transportation to and from regular programming for corps members/program participant, as needed.
  9. Assist Corps Officers during fundraising efforts


  1. The bookkeeping responsibilities include processing of invoices, bank deposits, credit card processing, processing donor letters, bank statements, daily reports as requested by the finance department.
  2. Christmas Payroll for Seasonal Employees, and tracking kettle income.
  3. All other duties as assigned.

To read the rest of the job description, and to apply, click here.

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