Territorial Graduate Corps Cadet Scholarship

We are pleased to share this year’s Territorial Graduate Corps Cadet Scholarship Application. Please note that this application should be sent directly to the Territorial Youth Department (with a copy to us, the Metro Divisional Youth Department), and the deadline is August 15.

To be eligible for the Territorial Graduate Corps Cadet (Post High School Education) Scholarship, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be a graduate Corps Cadet of the U.S.A. Central Territory, completing 5 years/10 courses. Official records will be verified at territorial headquarters.
  2. Be an active senior soldier in good standing from the Central Territory. An active senior soldier in good standing means that the student is regularly attending and is involved in a local corps and adhering to the Soldier’s Covenant.
  3. Attend a Salvation Army Corps during the time of the scholarship if a corps is located near the institution of their choice. If a corps is not near the school, they must be attending a local church.
  4. Be a full time student in an accredited institution of higher education.
  5. Be under the age of 26.
  6. Submit a new application for each academic year.
  7. Submit a copy of the acceptance letter or copy of class registration from the institution.
  8. Submit an official copy of their complete transcript from the previous year when applying for second, third, or fourth year of post high school education. You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or higher during the entire school term.

To download a copy of the application, click here.

Also, don’t forget that we offer a Divisional Graduate Corps Cadet Scholarship and it does not have a specific deadline. That application is attached here.

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