Band of Survivors Small Groups | John 12-13:30

SATURDAY, JULY 8 | JOHN 12-13:30


Have you ever been sitting in class, watching the clock, just waiting for that class to end? Time can seem to drag on and on. In today’s passage, John has been hinting that Jesus’ hour had not come. He’s escaped being killed several different times. However, as Jesus’ “hour” draws near, He shows us the very best that can come from anticipating in faith and hints at the very worst of what happens when our actions are not lined up with what we actually believe in our hearts.


Read John 12:1-11

Jesus is being honored in this passage. He had just raised Lazarus from the dead and they were doing a meal in His name. Yet, as Jesus is honored with expensive perfume poured on His feet, Judas objects to the wastefulness of this act. Jesus, recognizing Judas’ actual intentions, shows that it is ok for us to invest in what is God honoring. Sometimes, we may struggle with what is God honoring when it means sacrificial giving on our own part. In what ways is God calling you to give sacrificially?

Read John 12:12-19

Jesus is now loved and honored by many. Even being recognized like a king. Yet, in the midst of it all, the Pharisees can’t overlook the fact that Jesus is a threat. This turn from King to death on a cross comes quickly.

Read John 12:20-27

As you’ve been studying John, this is the first time that Jesus recognizes that His “hour” had come. The death that He had avoided on multiple occasions up to this point has finally come. Do not forget that Jesus, following God’s infinite wisdom, knew that timing was everything in having the impact of being Savior for the world.

Read John 12:28-50

Jesus starts this passage by being vague. Why do you think Jesus wasn’t clearer on how He was going to be the Savior for all? Why did He use the analogy of light and dark again when He could have just been blunt and said who He truly was and what He was going to do? God always has perfect timing for our lives. He desires to reveal Himself and His will in the time that is best for our lives. By the end of this passage, Jesus starts becoming more blunt yet, He doesn’t directly say that He is the son of God and He had come to save the world through death and resurrection. Rather, He guides their thoughts in understanding that becoming saved can only happen through faith in Him. Timing and faith are the cornerstones of what Jesus is doing to revolutionize the world around Him. How are God’s timing and faith in Him being lived out in your life? Are you anxious that something might or might not happen? Are you worried when all you need is faith in God’s will to have things happen in the right time for your life?

Read John 13:1-17

Washing the feet of guests was often the job of servants. The humility that Jesus was showing reflected what He had been throughout His entire life on Earth- a man with the power as the son of God but who was not greater than any other person. In God’s kingdom, everyone, from the greatest to the least, deserves recognition and respect. Why do you think Jesus chose to show this type of humility during His final hours on Earth?

Read John 13:18-30

Jesus had made it clear what was about to happen. And yet, His disciples could not fathom that one of them would betray Jesus. Sometimes, people can live their lives distinctly different between their actions and their intentions. Jesus knew what was in Judas’ heart and what He was going to do. Yet, He did not stop Judas from betraying Him because Jesus knew it was God’s will.


Living within a Christian community like BOS can be an amazing experience of growth and commitment to who God is, what He wants for your life, and how He can guide you according to His will. But, it can also be easy to do and say all the right things without truly experiencing what God wants for you and having that faith as a true part of your identity. Take a moment to check to see what the status of your heart is. Not the actions or words that everyone sees, but your true intentions and motivations for what you do. Are you doing things for yourself, or are you seeking to truly honor God in all that you do?


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