2017 Young Adult Retreat Workshop Guest: Courtney Rose

At the 2017 Young Adult Retreat, Courtney Rose will be teaching a workshop called Egalitarianism and Feminism.  It’s primarily a discussion on women in leadership. We will be looking at its History and context in the Wesleyan Holiness Movement as well as exploring the distinctions of egalitarianism and complimentarianism in the Evangelical Church today.

Courtney Rose is a lover of Christ, His Church, and Creation. She soldiers and serves at Mayfair Community Church in Chicago. She loves teaching Scripture and Theology and has a passion for helping the church reach its potential through empowering women and encouraging egalitarianism. Courtney is married to her favorite person, Justin Rose and is mom to a very sweet redheaded baby named Simeon.

For more info about the 2017 Young Adult Retreat, and to register, click here.

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