Band of Survivors 2018 Application Deadline Extended

Dear Friends,

The application deadline for Band of Survivors Leaders and Interns was yesterday, March 12, and we did not hit our goal.  We are very low on leader and intern applications this year, and will be extending the deadline for this to Monday, April 16.  Our goal is to have 5 college age leaders, and 1 college age intern.  If you would like to read more about the responsibilities of each, please read through the appropriate application:

Band of Survivors 2018 Leader Application
Band of Survivors 2018 Intern Application

In addition, we would like to let everyone know that we are also very low on student applications this summer.  We typically have space for around 14 high school students. The deadline for these applications is also Monday, April 16.

To apply as a student to Band of Survivors, click here.

What Is Band Of Survivors?
Band of Survivors is a month long summer mission school designed to eradicate spiritual complacency, and aims to see youth love God and serve their neighbors. With a skilled and motivated team, Band of Survivors will provide access to relevant training, significant mission and authentic discipleship for the youth of the Metropolitan Division.

We will live in community with one another: working together, preparing meals together, praying together, worshiping together and serving together. There are essentially two parts to the program, teaching (studying the Bible, 24/7 prayer, cell groups, learning about the Salvation Army) and service (evangelism, youth work, supporting Metropolitan Corps). Band of Survivors members are trained to use a skill set that puts them on a course for holiness, and they go home excited to fight alongside members of their Corps.

For more information, visit the Band of Survivors website.

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