Youth Councils 2018 World Missions and Fundraiser

At Youth Councils 2018, we are focusing on one of the Territory’s Self-Denial projects: Soccer Fields in the Latin America North territory. They are building two ‘indoor’ (roof and turf) soccer fields that will allow them to rent out the space the generate enough income to run the various service programs they run. In Costa Rica, the field will generate funds for their Rehabilitation Program and their early childhood day care programs. In Guatemala, their field will fund their elementary and middle schools.

In light of that, our banquet is a WORLD CUP banquet, both in honor of our World Missions Fundraiser, and in light of the 2018 World Cup. We’ll be fundraising by selling a few items at our World Cup Banquet on Saturday Night (popcorn, soda and face painting), and by taking an offering on Sunday morning.

For the World Cup Banquet, come dressed up in your favorite soccer jersey/uniform, some high socks, shin guards, or carrying your favorite country’s flag.

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