Band of Survivors 2018 and Beyond

Hey everyone!

We have some news regarding Band of Survivors 2018 that we would like to share. Unfortunately, due to low application rates we are unable to have Band of Survivors this summer. While we are sad about this, we are grateful that each person who was intending to do Band of Survivors will instead receive a full ride scholarship to CBLI.  CBLI is centered around many of the same disciplines that Band of Survivors is: community, Bible study, worship, prayer, etc.

It’s no secret that Band of Survivors has been struggling over recent years with low applications rates.  As a result, we in the Youth Department are praying about the future of this specific ministry, and whether or not God might be leading us in new directions.  Friends, we don’t want to hold on to that which God is calling us to let go of.  If our church doesn’t want this program, in this specific way, then we want to pray, adapt, change and join God in what he’s doing.

Of course, this is a bittersweet moment.  On one hand, it’s hard to see this program potentially end.  Band of Survivors has changed many lives since it began in 2003. Over the course of 14 summers, we’ve seen 210 individuals get discipled and sent back home to serve their community.  They’ve been trained in the disciplines of worship, Bible study, prayer, community, solitude, fasting, service and more. Who would want that to end?

On the other hand, though, we sense an amazing potential for something NEW. It is so exciting and freeing to be given permission to dream and seek the Lord about what’s next. We’re currently in that part of the journey, and we humbly ask for your prayer.

Should you have any questions or comments about all of this, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected].

Thanks, and God bless you!

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