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Love Unconditionally

Those of you who attended CBLI (Central Bible and Leadership Institute) last year, you got to meet to Spirit filled officers – Commissioners William and Marilyn Francis. Man, could they preach! I remember one comment from people being that they (especially Commissioner Marilyn) always seemed to be full of love – genuinely full of love. […]


AS you may know Thursday, May 1, 2008 is the National Day of Prayer. It’s a time for us to unite with those around the country in repentance, petition, thanksgiving and adoration of our God. One thing that you might consider praying for is Colonel Robert and Marguerite Ward – our former Central Territory Program […]

What are you waiting for?

Ok. So here’s the deal. We really want to make sure that YC 08 is a great time for everyone. In order to do that, we are bringing back the talent show from last year, and the concert from two years ago. Just in case you forget what that was like, look down:Talent Show 07: […]

Your Duty as a Soldier

As an Officer’s Kid, I have the rare “gift” of being able to recall the melodies of Song Book Songs that I don’t really know. The only thing is that it’s not usually something that I try to do, it just happens, like the song forced itself on my brain… This morning was one of […]


I love it when you come to understand something that you never did before. For me, this morning was one of those times: I never really understood why, in the Old Testament, the Israelites often found it fitting to give a place, or even God, a new name. It always seemed to come out of […]

Tambourine With My Toes

Three Sundays ago I gave the message at my Corps, just before which Lt. Josh Polanco introduced what the new sermon theme was going to be for the next few months: Come Join Our Army. A great part of the reasoning behind this is that we want to make soldiers, right? In his presentation, Lt. […]

Change In, Change Out Celebration Photodoc

Hello. The Change In, Change Out Celebration was a ridiculously rejuvenating reunion! Besides the fact that we raised $3,295.42, God was present and active among us. We learned that Change In, Change Out isn’t just a one year campaign, but a lifestyle! Right? The spare change we find daily should still be given away selflessly, […]

God Is Always At Work

Recently I started going through a devotional series by Henry Blackaby called Experiencing God. His whole push is to get us to realize that the focus of our lives should be on God, and not on ourselves. He points out that we might actually focus more on ourselves than we think. When it comes to […]