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The Story Behind Hillsong United’s “Oceans”

One of the songs that was implemented this past summer at CBLI (at least in the Young Adult Community), and one that we plan to use throughout this coming Prayer & Praise Night Season, is Hillsong United’s “Oceans.” It’s an incredible song, one with great lyrical depth. The whole idea of the song is about […]

Gungor’s Long Awaited New Release: I Am Mountain

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years since Gungor released a studio album (their last one being “Ghosts Upon The Earth”), and it’s been 4 years since they released “Beautiful Things.” Well, all that waiting you’ve been doing for a new studio album will come to an end soon. That’s right, on September […]

Erasing Hell

Not too long ago, on July 5th, 2011 actually, Francis Chan released a new book called Erasing Hell.  Among other things, it talks about what the Bible really states when it comes to Hell.  And this is perhaps the best part about the style of Chan’s writing.  He’s very careful, respectful in fact, to make […]

New transMission Songs On SoundCloud!

Over the past few days, Marty Mikles of transMission has been releasing songs off of their forthcoming album “Majestic” on SoundCloud via Twitter. I thought we’d give them a shout out, and at the same time, hook you up with some new music. To check out their new songs (including “Great Are You”, “Holy Spirit, […]

Goodbye CreativeMYK, Hello CreationSwap

CreationSwap from CreationSwap on Vimeo. “For years, CreativeMYK has served churches by networking artists and providing access to free downloadable graphics. On January 10, 2011, CreativeMYK will give way to CreationSwap, a new-and-improved offering for Christian creatives. We asked the founders of CreationSwap to tell us a little bit more about what’s in the works. […]

Worship Spotlight: Gungor

Sometimes you stumble upon something that’s just too good to hold onto and not tell everyone you know about it.  Gungor, a self-described liturgical post rock 4 piece, is one of those somethings.  I happened to find these guys by browsing a friend’s church’s Facebook profile.  They posted an acoustic version of the band’s Beautiful […]

The Book of Eli, And Truth

Media remains to be such a predominant influence in our culture.  As young people, we have no choice but to be immersed in this media influence, especially when it comes to MOVIES! It seems to me that finding the balance between upholding moral Christian standards and engaging in modern cinema is becoming more and more […]