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Summer Movies

(by James Davisson) It’s summer time, and I’m a movie man, so I figured I’d review a few films that you may have missed or not seen in a while. In each review, I’ll give you a little background, a theme or two I think are important, and the reason you should watch it over […]

New Journal of Aggressive Christianity

The new issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity is out.You may be interested to know that two writers from the Central Territory (and for that matter, the Metropolitan Division) were published in this edition.If you’re looking for articles about Christmas, souvenirs of Salvationism, papers on a model for social/spiritual marriage and Officership, stuff on community, […]

Repainting the Christian Faith

Rob Bell—pastor of Mars Hill and Nooma video man—has a new book out called “Velvet Elvis”. It looks super cool and I’m sure it will be a great read. Anyway, I’ve only read the prologue and I have already been impacted. Here’s the part I want to share with you: “Here’s what often happens: Somebody […]