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Summer Mission Teams 2006

Argentina1. Ade Villatoro-Rockford Temple2. James Davisson-Norridge3. Kristi Fuller-Kansas Northland4. Jordan Hunter-Omaha Citadel5. Erica Johnson-The Bridge6. Linda Villatoro-Rockford Temple India Central1. Mike Hulett-Dearborn Heights2. Keri Shay-Oakbrook Terrace3. Helena Brooksbank-Norridge4. Grant Holloway-Benton Harbor5. Sara Johnson-Royal Oak6. Justin Rose-Mayfair Community Church Kenya1. Todd Miesch-Royal Oak2. Sarah Miesch-Royal Oak3. Emily Aukes-Kalamazoo4. Elyse Dalberg-Oakbrook Terrace5. Sharayah Hulett-Dearborn Heights6. Sarah Kistler-Des […]

Summer Mission Teams

Hey. My life has forever been changed because I went to the Ukraine with a Summer Mission Team. I am not exaggerating when I say that I think about the Ukraine every day. That is why I want to let you know that Summer Mission Team applications should be completed—including references—and submitted to THQ by […]


During my freshman year of college I rebelled. Though I was a Christian and many people loved me, I alienated myself from my family, my Christian friends and my church. Isolated from the good influences in my life, I followed my desires while rejecting Christ. I was lonely and played games with Christ; hoping He […]