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Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 13

Luke 13 – Saturday, July 4th Read Luke 13 Launch: Is following Jesus the easy way to live life in this world? Why or why not? Explore: Read Luke 13:22-30 At this point in Luke, Jesus is still continued ministering and teaching on the Kingdom of God in different villages. Verses 18-20 describe the way […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 11

Luke 11 – Thursday, July 2nd Read Luke 11 Launch: Even the apostles, those directly in contact with Jesus had to be taught how to pray. What was Jesus’ response? Most Christians struggle with prayer. We struggle to set time aside in our lives and focus wholly on God. But that is only one aspect […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 8

Luke 8 – Monday, June 29th Read Luke 8 Launch: What good is a fruit to a farmer if it does not mature or does not produce a multiplying seed? Explore: Read Luke 8:1-15 Jesus starts off this chapter by explaining His teachings of parables. As an effective teacher, Jesus used many different methods to […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 7

Luke 7 – Sunday, June 28th Read Luke 7 Launch: What does it look like to be completely reliant on someone, something or some place? How does our devotion look when we realize that we are desperate for it? Explore: Luke 7:1-10 In the time that Jesus lived, the Roman Empire controlled and ruled most […]

Band of Survivors Team Update

The first Band of Survivors team update comes from two guys from Tony Alvarez’s Cell Group: David Paredes (Waukegan Corps), and Tony himself (La Villita Corps). ******************************************** Tony Alvarez (La Villita Corps) Monday June 22nd was the day my four week long journey began, I was filled with countless emotions; nervous about leaving my family […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 5

Luke 5 – Friday, June 26th Read Luke 5 Launch: Who do you normally think of as being the strongest Christians? What’s your normal picture of who God uses? If you were to start a religious movement, who would you want as your first followers? Explore: Luke 5:1-11 What is Simon Peter’s response to the […]