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Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 14

Luke 14 – Sunday, July 5th Read Luke 14 Launch: What is the difference between someone that simply goes to church and a follower of Jesus? Explore: To start off the chapter, we see Jesus giving a foretelling of Heaven. The banquet of the king shows that some people made excuses for not immediately responding […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 13

Luke 13 – Saturday, July 4th Read Luke 13 Launch: Is following Jesus the easy way to live life in this world? Why or why not? Explore: Read Luke 13:22-30 At this point in Luke, Jesus is still continued ministering and teaching on the Kingdom of God in different villages. Verses 18-20 describe the way […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 11

Luke 11 – Thursday, July 2nd Read Luke 11 Launch: Even the apostles, those directly in contact with Jesus had to be taught how to pray. What was Jesus’ response? Most Christians struggle with prayer. We struggle to set time aside in our lives and focus wholly on God. But that is only one aspect […]