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RevoDevos – Day 4

Thursday, June 29th 2006Read: Exodus 6 Now watch this. Things haven’t started off that well for Moses in his big deliverance campaign against Pharaoh. Things are actually worse off now than when Moses got there! There has got to be some encouragement for the budding revolutionary that is reading this (meaning: you). I mean, if […]

RevoDevos – Day 3

Wednesday, June 28th 2006Read: Exodus 5 The flesh and the world constantly resist change. God operates in opposition to the ways of the world… you can’t expect people who do not know the Lord to be supportive when you step out in faith. So why are we always so surprised when there’s opposition? When God […]

RevoDevos – Day 2

Tuesday, June 27th 2006Read: Exodus 3 The Israelites were in Egypt suffering 400 years of slavery (this was prophesied in Genesis 15:13-14). When their days of drudgery were almost over God went to a simple shepherd named Moses and appointed him to be the leader of all the Israelites and to free them from slavery. […]

RevoDevos – Day 1

This first devotional is a long one. Hang in there… RevoDevos – Exodus Bible Study Introduction: The Book of Exodus begins more than four hundred years after Joseph (you know, the guy with the coat of many colors) died. In Genesis, when the Israelites came to Egypt they totaled 70 people; now, in Exodus, they […]