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Letters From Haiti (part 1)

Just a couple of weeks ago, retired officers Colonels Dennis and Noella Phillips (pictured above with Yves Montoban, a Salvation Army employee in Haiti) chose to take a week to serve Salvationists in Haiti, where they served as Territorial Commanders for some time. They were there spending time with Officers, soldiers, and children. And as […]

A Million Meals For Haiti Event

The Salvation Army is seeking volunteers to help package one million meals for survivors of the January 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Army is partnering with Navistar Inc. to recruit volunteers to work two-hour shifts packaging meal ingredients into plastic bags, which will be shipped to Haiti for Salvation Army officers and staff to […]

It’s National Salvation Army Week

The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division, which serves Greater Chicago, northern Illinois, and northwestern Indiana, will celebrate National Salvation Army Week May 10 to 16 with a series of events that inform and encourage residents to volunteer or donate to help their neighbors in need. “The purpose of this week is to raise awareness about The […]

Video of William Booth’s Funeral

To the Salvation Army history enthusiasts, or the slightly curious, this video is for you.  William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, was promoted to glory years ago, but his legacy still lives on in many Salvationists today.  It’s crazy the mark people can leave on this world.  Are you living to make a […]

Salvation Army Shirt – 100% Of Proceeds Go to Haiti

The Salvation Army was recently named by the United Nations as the “lead agency” responsible for well-being of an estimated 20,000 earthquake survivors. The organization will continue to serve those survivors while coordinating with other agencies and planning its long-term recovery for the country. Joshua Smith from Brass Tack Apparel has designed a shirt to help […]