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2015 Young Adult Retreat Follow Up

Even though the 2015 Young Adult Retreat is officially in the books, God’s work continues, and we want to help hold you accountable to all the things God revealed to you this past weekend.  That’s why we’ve created this follow up post, full of resources from the weekend, including: handouts, podcasts of the teaching, and […]

Midway Citadel P&PN Podcast + Photos

On Friday, January 9, we had an awesome time of worship, payer, teaching and hanging out at the Midway Citadel Corps. John Kim (English Ministries Pastor at the Mayfair Corps) spoke a powerful word from Psalm 73 on the idea of being envious of the wicked. Due to technical difficulties (for real), we missed about […]

Zuckerberg Explains Why He Wears The Same Thing Everyday

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was asked why he wears the same thing everyday at a Q+A at the social networks’s HQ, his answers was very similar to the Salvation Army’s rationale for the uniform: “I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible, other than […]

Listen to Trip Lee’s new album RISE before it drops

That’s right! If you’ve been waiting for Trip Lee’s new album since he stepped away from hip hop back in 2012, now you don’t have to wait until it officially releases. Trip Lee and Reach Records partnered with VIBE to release the whole thing online for streaming. Happy listening: