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Five Iron Frenzy Is Back From The Dead (or were just undead this whole time)

Yes, you read that right! After 8 years of being dead (or undead…), Five Iron Frenzy is getting back together to record another album. In other news, the Insyderz are going to record Skallelujah 10 next month. For real, though. FIF is back! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this post from their blog: […]

Metro’s Young Adult Retreat Name

Dear Metro Young Adults, Many of you may know about our annual Young Adult Retreat–formerly known as Exodus. It’s the only retreat in the Metro Division that specifically targets young adults. The reason I’m writing you is because the name of the retreat has to be changed (from Exodus to something else), and we’d love […]

Scholarships and Loans Page Updated

Looking for info on Salvation Army Scholarships and Loans? Scroll to the top, and under the Resources tab, you’ll find the Scholarships and Loans page. We have many different packages available for both undergraduate and graduate work. Just take a look and apply! You can also click here to get redirected to the page automatically.