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Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 21

Luke 21 – Sunday, July 12th Read Luke 21 Launch: How do you prepare yourself for an event? Think about your preparation for BOS. What would have happened if you came to DHQ without clothes or anything that was necessary for the long trip? How would that have felt? Explore: Read Luke 21:1-4 What do […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 20

Luke 20 – Saturday, July 11th Read Luke 20 Launch: Who gave Jesus authority? Do you think the Pharisees wanted Jesus to say God? Jewish leaders respected those who had been ordained in solemn ceremonies, possessing titles and people who had extensive educational training (in Jewish culture they spent their teenage years memorizing the first […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 19

Luke 19 – Friday, July 10th Read Luke 19 Launch: Read Luke 19:10, what does this tell us about Jesus’ purpose? Why do you think Jesus told the story of the Ten Minas or Coins (vs. 11-27)? Explore: Read Luke 19:11-27 Many people hoped that Jesus would establish an immediate earthly kingdom, but Jesus wanted […]

Band of Survivors – Cell Groups – Luke 14

Luke 14 – Sunday, July 5th Read Luke 14 Launch: What is the difference between someone that simply goes to church and a follower of Jesus? Explore: To start off the chapter, we see Jesus giving a foretelling of Heaven. The banquet of the king shows that some people made excuses for not immediately responding […]