Meet Eliza Shirley

The first successful work in the United States rested on the shoulders of a 17-year-old girl. In the spring of 1879, the newly named Salvation Army in London was so small that all the workers knew each other personally. Eliza Shirley, then 16, joined the Christian Mission and was appointed as an evangelist at one […]

I’ll Fight Fest Update!

If you want to attend I’ll Fight Fest, it’s all up to you. Hassle your Corps Officer/Youth Worker/Parent to make it happen! If you are planning on attending I’ll Fight Fest here’s some information you should know: -Cost: $30.00 for Food, Gas, IFF Ticket. Make checks out to The Salvation Army -Schedule: -Friday 9/23 7pm […]

A Visit To Hammond-Munster

Yesterday I went to the Hammond-Munster Corps to visit their new youth director Jon Bukiewicz. I really have the sense that God is going to do great things in that Corps. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that and mention a new website that Jon made for the kids for the youth of Lake County, […]

SA Dodgeball

For all of you that are interested: A new season of SA Dodgeball begins this Thursday (9/15) at the Oakbrook Terrace Corps (1 S 415 Summit Villa Park, IL 60181-3906). We will play from 7-9pm. The first night is free, after that it’s a buck ($1.00).

The Light of the World is Jesus

Alec Knight grew up in the East End of London, spending his time in bird fighting, boxing, betting, drink and public-house songs, a leader in any group he joined. Confronted by open-air meetings, he organized a Skeleton Army and attacked. He was gravely disturbed when, after hitting a Salvationist, he was told, “God bless you, […]


The Metropolitan Division is supporting the disaster relief efforts both in the south and here in the Chicago-area. Here is a brief overview of activities. *Since last Wednesday (August 31st), the Disaster Services Center in Elk Grove Village has served as command central. Volunteers have staffed the phone bank seven-days-a-week, from 8am until 8pm. Primary […]

Meet Joe “The Turk” Garabedian

He was tall, impressive, and built like a prize fighter. Often considered rude or even obnoxious, he did not follow the rules. Though never in charge of a corps, he opened doors through which others could follow in a more conventional way. He was born Nashan Garabed, or Garabedian, in Tallas, Turkey, to Armenian parents. […]


I’ve been thinking about how we Christians are often permissive in accepting “grey areas” in our lives. Music, television, obsessions with celebrities and sports, clothing, art, sexual purity in dating, bad jokes, hobbies, violence in the media, politics, what we eat and drink, nationalism and rebellion as “a right of passage”. We even overlook things […]

I am compelled to share with you a portion of “Aggressive Christianity” (the original Catherine Booth version) that I read today:

“It seems to me that we come infinitely short of any right and rational idea of the aggressive spirit of the New Testament saints. Satan has got Christians to accept what I may call a namby-pamby, kidglove kind of system of presenting the Gospel to people. ‘Will they be so kind as to read this […]