Band of Survivors Team Announced

Alfonso Azuaje – Temple LaramieAstrid Carrion – Rockford TempleAnna Christensen – Blue IslandMary Clayborne – Chicago TempleMelissa Clayborne – Chicago TempleDarius Ferguson – Chicago TempleLatarius Ferguson – Chicago TempleErick Fernandez – Temple LaramieMiguel Garcia – Temple LaramieKirsten Gorton – NorridgeNate Hood – Tri-CityNate Irvine – Oakbrook TerraceErica Johnson – The Bridge-Hanover ParkSpenser Jones – Chicago […]

Metro Moves

As you may or may not know, territorial appointment changes (aka “moves”) will be announced sometime this weekend. I just thought it would be a good time for us to pray. Pray that the Lord’s will would be done, pray for the officers and their family who are moving, pray for the corps that are […]