RevoDevos – Day 14

Sunday, July 8thRead: Acts 14There’s no doubt about it. True revolutionaries live extraordinary lives. Put yourself in the shoes of Paul and Barnabas: You walk into a new city. You scope it out, meet the people. There’s a chance people will accept you. There’s also a really good chance they’ll try to kill you. It […]

RevoDevos – Day 13

Saturday, July 7thRead: Acts 13Prayer and fasting aren’t exactly the most popular practices or disciplines in the Church today. In fact, few of us have been taught the life-changing, revolutionizing benefits of fasting even if we grew up in the Church. The early Christians believed in the importance of fasting. This belief is demonstrated in […]

RevoDevos – Day 12

Friday, July 6thRead: Acts 12Have you ever prayed for something, not really expecting God to answer, and were greatly surprised to see him act in response to your prayers? Have you ever prayed for something despite thinking that it wasn’t really possible for God to help? Prayer is a powerful thing. In God’s word it […]

RevoDevos – Day 11

Thursday, July 5thRead: Acts 11Have you ever been put in charge of a “situation?” That is, something that has started up and needs someone with some degree of authority to deal with it? If you have, did you look at the task at hand and feel full of joy? If you didn’t, think about what […]

RevoDevos – Day 10

Wednesday, July 4thRead: Acts 10The world we live in today is filled with an abundance of ethnic groups and religions, often living in close quarters. People from all over the world can be found in almost every major city. In fact, it’s possible that every day you interact with at least two or three people […]

RevoDevos – Day 9

Tuesday, July 3rdRead: Acts 9The word “revolution” means “an assertedly momentous change in any situation.” In this Jesus revolution we want to see a momentous change in the world around us—people living their lives in fullness for Jesus! But the change we want to see in our world first has to happen with us first. […]

RevoDevos – Day 8

Monday, July 2ndRead: Acts 8At times you may have fallen into the trap of assuming that certain people don’t want to hear truth/the good news. And because of that assumption, some people have missed out on a life changing event. Sometimes we make judgments about people based on how they dress, where they’re from, or […]

RevoDevos – Day 7

Sunday, July 1stRead: Acts 7There are many things wrong with the Church today. We see hypocrisy, dead religion, a lack of love, apathy about things God really cares about, and the list goes on. What do we do about these things? Some people keep quiet, some people speak privately about them and some people speak […]

RevoDevos – Day 6

Saturday, June 30thRead: Acts 6With growth come growing pains. Because the Church was growing so quickly, members often had to figure things out along the way, without much time to process decisions and often with drama (the bad kind) as a result. Such a situation could have led to a Church split, fragmenting not only […]

RevoDevos – Day 5

Friday, June 29thRead: Acts 5We could really revolutionize the Church if we all brought forth our full offering to the Lord and uncovered the hidden darkness within us. You likely haven’t heard of anyone being struck dead for lying to God in your lifetime. That is not to say that there are no repercussions to […]