2018 Young Adult Retreat (Oct 26-27)

We are so thrilled to announce that registration for the 2018 Young Adult Retreat is now open!  And it’s hard to put into words how cool it’s been to see all of these details come together.  It truly feels like God is up to something special this year.  Check it out:


We believe it’s time for revival.  What would happen in our own lives if we really considered everything a loss compared to knowing Jesus?  What would our world look like if we really felt as though everything was garbage compared to following Christ (Philippians 3:8)? And what would our churches look like if we abandoned everything in order to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20)?

We’ll unpack the answers to these questions as we pursue Jesus together.


Olivia and Pratik are the Corps Officers/Pastors at the Times Square Corps in NYC (aka Theatre 315), and they run the Glory Shop – a creative arts and discipleship school for young adults (www.thegloryshop.com). They’re also super gifted preachers.














Our dear friends, The Singing Company, will be leading us in worship.  They’re currently wrapping up their newest record (EP III), which explores themes of revival.










We’ll continue to explore our theme, Revival, as we take one of the following three workshops:

“Answering Questions You Didn’t Know You Had About Your Mental Health” with Dr. Karen Hurula

In this workshop Dr. Hurula will share basic information to help us properly understand several common mental health concerns. In addition she will unpack specific strategies to help you foster your own mental health.

Dr. Karen Hurula  (Psy.D. M.A.) is a licensed clinical psychologist in practice as a behavioral health consultant on the medical staff at the Lawndale Christian Health Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Master’s degree in Theology from Wheaton College in 2012.

Dr. Hurula is passionate about the integration of psychology and theology in the understanding of persons. She has done an independent study of resiliency and burnout in clergy and pastors. She believes in the mind-body-soul connection in maintaining health and wellness. It is her hope to contribute to a better understanding of self-care for people of faith. Dr. Hurula is a 5th-generation Salvationist. She was born in Puerto Rico and raised primarily in Mexico City with her missionary officer parents. Dr. Hurula is married to Envoy Scott, and is the mother of three children: Greg (23), Heidi (21) and Kelsie (15). She and her husband soldier at the OakBrook Terrace Corps, where they enjoy worshipping and participating in various ministries.

“Autopsy of a Deceased Church” with David Witthoff

In “Autopsy of a Deceased Church” we’ll look at some of the findings of Thom Rainer on why and how churches die. Early Salvationist voices that speak to a similar issue will be referenced as well. Our workshop will consider and evaluate what our true foundation should be for a church and for churches within a denomination. Delegates should expect to leave with a clearer sense of purpose for the church and having identified areas for Corps revitalization.

Dave is a part of the Western Territory Youth Department. He comes from the Central Territory originally having been a part of The Salvation Army from his youth. His passion in ministry is for biblical and Christian education and his favorite topic to teach is interpretation and hermeneutics. David has studied at the Moody Bible Institute, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is currently in a program through the University of Stellenbosch where he is studying linguistics and biblical Hebrew. He also has a cat named Luna. Her passion in life is biting Dave and yelling at Dave.







“Postures for a Missional Life” with Sara Johnson

God invites us to partner in His mission of reconciliation, but sometimes we don’t know where to begin. Together we’ll explore six postures for cultivating missional habits in your everyday life, and imagine how to live them out faithfully in our current contexts.

Sara Johnson, a lifelong Salvationist, leads the Urban Mission Center in St Louis, MO. With a heart for pursuing God’s mission in her local context, Sara is committed to being a reconciling presence in her neighborhood. You can find her enjoying a cup of coffee at the Mud House, working in the garden, or volunteering on the local campaign trail.










AGES // 18-29*

This retreat is created specifically for young adults ages 18-29, and is designed to be relevant to their place in life (must be 18 by 10/26/18).  Want to know what that asterisk* is about?  Leaders who are involved in young adult ministry at the Corps can attend, too!  That means Corps Officers, Youth Leaders, Sunday School teachers, Embrace leaders, etc.


The Young Adult Retreat will take place at Wonderland Camp & Conference from October 26-27, 2018.  To see a detailed schedule of the weekend, click here.


The retreat is only $30 per person, and childcare is available for $10 per child (ages 0-5).  To register, click here!  Registration will be live until Friday, October 12.


You will want to download our official app as it will have all the info they’ll need for the weekend. Click here to download it!


It honestly feels like God is up to something special this year, and we really hope to see your young adults at this event.  If you’d like to promote this event at your Corps, not only are posters and postcards on their way, but you can download graphics for Sunday morning here.

We hope to see you at the retreat!